f Parking




All of the parking spaces inside the gates are owned by individuals, except for three (301,257,258), which are owned by the HOA and leased to residents.
Parking space numbers do not correspond to unit numbers. A list of parking spaces and their owners can be found here.
It is possible to lease a spot from another owner. The best way to do this is to post a message on the email list (railyard@yahoogroups.com). It should be noted that parking spots inside the gates are in great demand.
If there is someone in your parking space, call 280-5303 for towing. Any vehicles parked in the lane ("the lane" means any place inside the gates but outside of designated spaces) can also be towed by any resident.
If you have an emergency and must park in the lane or someone else's spot, leave a note on your windshield with contact information (phone # or unit #) where you can be reached to move your vehicle. This may save your vehicle from being towed.
The parking garage at 301 Congress, west of building 2 has a group discount rate for Railyard residents. This group discount was organized by Michael McGill, and you can reach him by email.
Parking in the alleyways is not advised.
Do not leave valuables in your vehicle.